Wrong Version of .htaccess file?

I'm having some trouble upgrading my ZenPhoto gallery. I followed the instructions for the upgrade but when I went to the setup page, I received the following message:

The .htaccess file in your root folder is not the same version as the one distributed with this version of Zenphoto. If you have made changes to .htaccess, merge those changs with the zp-core/htaccess file to produce a new .htaccess file.

Upon further inspection, I found the .htaccess file through a search in my FTP program and it did appear to be the old file, as it was dated from last year. I don't understand why it's there however, if I uploaded all of the new files from the upgrade folder.

I'm not sure what to do.


  • Zenphoto will NOT replace a .htaccess file that appears not to be identical to the distributed one. Instead it gives you the message you received. Zenphoto will create a new one for you (after asking.) Exactly how this happens depends on the build you are running. With current builds there is a link you can click to get it created.

    You can remove the old file and re-run setup.
  • I deleted the old .htaccess file and refreshed setup. Now it's saying that the .htaccess file is missing (obviously, because I deleted it), along with:

    "If you have the mod_rewrite module enabled an .htaccess file is required the root zenphoto folder to create cruft-free URLs.

    You can ignore this warning if you do not intend to set the mod_rewrite option."

    So do I need to upload a new .htaccess file because I don't see any option/link where I can create another.
  • Same problem.
  • acrylian Administrator
    You should be seeing this: http://zenphoto.maltem.de/test/setup-and-htaccess-creation.jpg.php (that is a screenshot from the svn but besides looking a little different it should be the same on 1.2.9)
  • If not, copy the htaccess file from the zp-core folder renaming it .htaccess
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