Calendar view for archive


I have developed a calendar plug-in for the archive page (or any other).

It can display a monthly view or a yearly view.
For each day there is a picture, a picture will be displayed at that date.

The plug-in can be downloaded at this page:

There is a monthly example at this page:

If improvements should be done, let me know.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    We appreciate every third party plugin contribution. Please consider to create an info page with the download for that plugin that we can link to from our extension section. Thanks. Btw, the example page does not work.
  • Sorry for the example page. I did not copy well :s

    Here is the good link:

    I will try to make the info page as soon as possible.
  • I have done a small web page that explains the principle of the plug-in.
    The page is not finished but is enough for the basis.

    Archive Calendar documentation
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    That's great. Thanks. I will add an entry to the extensions section soon.

    One minor note: 3rd party plugins actually preferredly should be placed in the root plugins folder, not zp-core/zp-extensions.
  • "preferably" is really not a strong enough statement. It is very likely that this will be enforced in the future. Besides our install instructions tell people to remove all the files in the zp-core folder before upgrading, so that would remove your plugin. (This is why there is a separate folder for 3rd party plugins.)
  • Hi!
    I have changed the installation folder so that I am in order. It is now in "plugins".

    I have also changed the information page to so that it is more explicit.

    Thank you for your remarks.
  • A bug was found yesterday in my plugin.
    It concerns the non display of pictures on the 31st of the month.

    So I corrected it, and a new version came out this morning.

    So please update the plugin to use it completely.
  • DdK Member

    I'm looking to change my own website and taking a look at Zenphoto 1.4.
    I want to add a event caledar to my site and was giving a look at your archive calendar 1.52.

    With Zenphoto 1.4 this gave me some errors.
    I had to change `$option_interface`
    and `addPluginScript()` is replaced by `zp_register_filter()`

    Also I think I found a little bug.
    I changed the CSS and the thumb size to a have a smaller calendar.
    If the first day of the month is not a Monday, the first row of dates is not displayed on a new row. It's printing "class=empty" not "class=first day".

  • Hi everyone!

    The "Archive Calendar" plugin is now up to date is fully functional with Zenphoto v1.4.

    The first row display problem is also corrected.

    The plugin can be find at:

    Sorry for the big delay between the release of Zenphoto and the compatible plugin.
  • Hi!!

    I have updated the plug-in so it is better for designing. It is now possible to give as parameter the page where the calendar is displayed (by default archive.php). It is also now possible to personalize the CSS classes. Can be useful when using a CSS framework.

    For more information and download go on my website:
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    One note to your new (?) licencing. Creative commons is great but is actually not the right fitting licence for code (for the design of a theme ifself it is so theme could use a double licence). Please see:
  • Thank you for your comment. I will check on your link when I will have some time free.
  • Thank you for your comment. I will check on your link when I will have some time free.
  • This is a copy of the comment I just posted on the plugin author site:

    I just installed the plugin on the ZenPhoto gallery I’m currently setting up, but I’m a bit puzzled by the way it works:
    – it seems to always display the current month (Aug-2012) whatever month I chooses in the archive list
    – the thumbnails links in the calendar don’t load an other page where one could see all the pictures of the day, the way it is done in my current Piwigo gallery:
    I might have missed something in the installation…
    Could you provide some more information.
  • I have probably deleted your user id by accident. Sorry. I made a mistake in managing the more than 1000 new SPAM user ids we get daily.
  • No problem. I have now re-registered.
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