Can't view photos; .htaccess seems to have issues

I'm having problems similar to others who have posted here. For example, I'm getting the

MySQL Error: Could not select the database
Error: The 'albums' directory cannot be found or is not readable.

error. While looking through other peoples' posts, I thought of checking the RewriteBase property. What I noticed was that this property can be anything as long as it begins with a "/" and is followed by almost any character, including letters, numbers, punctuation, etc. I'm wondering if this might be connected to the problem or if it's something totally different.

By the way, zenphoto looks really good. Not to get off topic, but how long did it take you to create this?


  • trisweb Administrator
    Those are two distinctly separate errors you've got there. The first means you've got something bad in your MySQL login info, so try to fix that first.

    The second one is harder to diagnose, but it's got nothing to do with .htaccess. It's a problem with the server path variable I tried to autodetect in this latest version.

    I started with this post on June 24th, but I didn't actually announce the start of development until May 27th so I guess that's 3 months total or so until the first beta release. You can follow it back in the zenphoto category.
  • Regarding your mod_rewrite error, it sounds like the .htaccess file isn't working properly. Make sure you have the following line in your apache conf file for the appropriate directory:

    AllowOverride All

    This line is necessary for .htaccess files to have any effect.
  • I know I have the username and password correct for the mysql database. Just to rule out privileges, what privileges does zen photo require? (e.g. select, create, etc. ) I did a "grant all.." originally, but when I did the setup.php part, I noticed that at the top it said that it was not connected to the database. It did a simple "grant select to..." and then the error was gone, so if possible tell me what privileges this requires.

    As for the AllowOverride All, I did that and the .htaccess thing previously mentioned is still happening.
  • Okay, I got it working on my computer using xammp by refering to this page

    Now I tried it on my hosted website and it didn't work. It's giving me just "Error: The 'albums' directory cannot be found or is not readable."
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