When I enable jPlayer I get - Fatal error: Class 'getid3_lib'


I have just done a fresh install of Zenphoto using the
default theme. The class-video plugin is activatede, but when I activat the jplayer i get this error on the front end:
"Fatal error: Class 'getid3_lib' not found in /mounted-storage/home137/sub001/sc37485-AYAX/www/zp-core/zp-extensions/class-video.php on line 357"

You can see it here: www.ianhansen.dk

Tak you

Ian Hansen


  • acrylian Administrator
    Please look into the Zenphoto debug log and your server error log and post what elese there might be around this error. If for example wrong permission prevent Zp from loading the file this could happen as well.
  • Her is the debug log:
    "{3097:Fri, 17 Jan 2014 12:42:38 GMT}
    NOTICE: session_start() [function.session-start]: ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/shared/sessions) failed: Permission denied (13) in /mounted-storage/home137/sub001/sc37485-AYAX/www/zp-core/functions-basic.php on line 1601
    session_start called from zp_session_start (functions-basic.php [1601])
    from require_once (admin-globals.php [14])
    from admin-logs.php [8]"

    I have no access to the server error log as it my site is hosted.

  • acrylian Administrator
    As I suspected a file/folder permissions issue preventing loading the files. Please see the user guide about permissions.

    Even if your server is hosted you have an error log somewhere. Ask your host where to find it. Any proper even shared host has this.
  • I also get this error. After an upgrade to ver 1.4.14 with same error, I decide to do a fresh install. Same problem:

    Fatal error: Class 'getid3_lib' not found in MYPROVIDERWEBSPACE/html/zp2/zp-core/zp-extensions/class-video.php on line 362

    This occured when I uploaded a mp4 video with plugins class-video and jplayer activated.

    Fortunately and despite of this error, the video is uploaded in the right folder and I can view it without problem.

    Any more clarity about this error ?
  • acrylian Administrator
    Did you check your server logs regarding file/folder permissions?
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