How to update a translation "live"

Hello, not sure if I should post here or on Github as it is development-related.

I installed two versions of 1.4.6-Dev: one in English, one in French. Following that, I made a few correction to the French language file and uploaded them. However, when I try to use that updated language file, it doesn't work. It is as if the former language file was hidden in some file somewhere. I tried all the "clear" buttons (clear metadata, etc.), try to rerun setup, to no avail. I try to run "setup" again; it doesn't work either.

Question: What do I do wrong and how to I tell Zenphoto to use the newer language file?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    If the file is there it will be used. Are you sure you actually have the right file? If you upload both languages to the master and the 1.4.6 build the 1.4.6 is in danger to be overwritten if the master and dev build are rebased so all changes match.

    You should only update the 1.4.6 to avoid that (otherwise it really gets complicated with Git, sbillard can tell more about that)

    I can understand that oyu have separate installs for master and dev (as I do) but why do you have two installs for each language? I mean you can simply switch the languaga?

    Generally if you don't see changes right after changing them it might be that your server needs more time until it uses it (internal caches) or a restart. The latter is most likely not possible unless you run your own server. But locally it works.
  • Just a clarification: That's the 1.4.6 I am talking about, and there is no mix up between that and the master branch. What I have been doing is to take two copies of the zipped 1.4.6 file, place them somewhere else on my hard disk, install and run them locally using XAMPP (similar to WAMP). Both installs have their own database, etc. In one, I use English, in the other one I use French. That way, I can look at them side by side and see French vs English strings in context.

    It is when I tried to update some strings that I could not "see them in action". Your idea of strings cached in the server's cache makes sense because I had tried all the caches I could put my hand on. I even tried a different browser! Restarting Apache solved the problem.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Ok, I understand. The two languages should be possible with one install using different browser with different language setting as well.

    I just mentioned the master/dev thing to be sure. Glad you solved it. I was caught by that on a live server as well once.
  • I would like to clarify the issues with updating languages in both the master and the development builds.

    The problem arises because we must keep the development build in sync with changes in the master build so they do not get lost. We do this regularly because often the change will be different in the two releases. If we wait we forget how things should be fixed.

    When changes are different the git merge will "fail" and indicate the conflicts between the two sources. It is those conflicts that have to be resolved so that the merge can continue.

    There are two issues when there are differences in the language files. The first is that the "mo" file really cannot be edited or merged, it must be generated from the "po" file. The second issue comes from me being the one usually doing the merge. I do have some knowledge of French, German, and Spanish, but not enough to do vet the translations. For other languages I am at a total loss. So, my only option is to presume that whatever is in the development build is the "correct" file and use that in the merge. This means that translation changes to the master are not migrated forward unless there have been no changes to the development build (and thus no conflicts.)

    So my recommended strategy to translators is:

    Work first on the master build until you are done with it. Those changes will migrate to the development build. Once you are done with the master build then work only on the development build.

    If you must make changes to both builds, you would make my life much easier if you would execute the merge to the development build and resolve the conflicts. Otherwise I will resolve them as described above.
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