Fatal Error - my albums disappeared

Dear all,
I just set up my zenphoto and everything worked out quite well.

Suddenly one of my albums didnt show any thumbnails but the text:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'no decode delegate for this image format `/tmp/magick-XXgB6WYY' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/533' in /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/lib-Imagick.php:476
Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/lib-Imagick.php(476): Imagick->pingimage('/var/www/ud04_1...')
#1 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-image.php(295): zp_imageIPTC('/var/www/ud04_1...')
#2 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-image.php(131): _Image->updateMetaData()
#3 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-image.php(42): _Image->_Image(Object(Album), '._vit_feidi_002...')
#4 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-album.php(456): newImage(Object(Album), '._vit_feidi_002...')
#5 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-album.php(386): Album->sortImageArray(Array, 'ID', 'DESC')
#6 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-album.php(538): Album->getImages(0, 0, 'ID', 'DESC')
#7 /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/class-album.php(615) in /var/www/ud04_131/html/zenphoto/zp-core/lib-Imagick.php on line 476

That would not go away and so I deleted this Album (to upload it again, later, of course.
Now all my Albums are not shown any more!
All pictures are still there when I look at my Webspace via FTP, but not in my zenphoto. Only the strange text (above).

I am using the Default Theme and slightly modified it to my needs.

Do you know any help?
Thank you


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Our collegue kagutsuchi will probably be of help as he is the expert on the imagick stuff. Meanwhile try to use the GD libary instead.
  • Thank you!
    So I hope that Kagutsuchi can help.
    I dont think that I need Imagick at all. Do I have to deactivate or delete it somehow and somewhere?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Imagick is a graphics libary installed on your server direclty, you can't delete it. You can switch on options > image to use the GD libary instead. (of course only if your server has that, too)
  • What image format are your images?

    If this just started happening out of the blue, I would guess that either Imagick, ImageMagick, or one of its image libs has been changed. You should ask your host if they have changed anything recently on your server. If so, then you should ask them to recompile Imagick against the current binaries on your server.

    The only other thing I can think of is that the error indicates that Imagick is trying to decode a temp version of the image. Maybe it would be enough to clear `/tmp` of any files named `magick-*` in case the temp version is corrupted or something.

    Or you could use GD if you have no need for Imagick, as said above.
  • I just deactivated ImageMagick in my ZenPhoto-Settings. And now everything looks normal again.
    I will contact my host to ask him what happened, but for the moment everything is fine.
    And I will check if theres any problem with temps.
    Thank you!
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