My custome theme ignores transition setting.

I'm working on a custom theme for ZenPhoto 1.4.6-DEV. I've built it from the ground up following the theming tutorial, but have also borrowed small bits of code from other themes, mainly ZenPage.

Right now, I am stumped. I have set up an album that contains both one subalbum and one image. I have set transitions to combined. On the all the themes that come with ZenPhoto that support transitions, it works as it should. On my custom theme, it does not. It always displays albums on one page with a nav string to the next page that has the images.

Even if I copy the album.php from the default theme and drop it into my custom theme folder, it ignores the transition setting. (Looks horrible, but that's because my CSS is not made for it.)

As best I can tell, I am using the same logic structure and functions for the next_album and next_image loops in my album.php as in the default. I even stripped my album.php loops to their bare essentials.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure this out?

Much thanks,


  • Issue has been resolved. Do not set thumbs per row to the same value as thumbs per page.

  • acrylian Administrator
    Glad you solved it. My only other guess would have been that some option of the theme itself overrides something.
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