Logo in Effervescence+

I want to put my own logo in this theme but I can't find where...

It says to put a PNG file in Uploaded/images folder... I have looked in the uploaded folder and there isn't an images one... I found out where the theme logo is and so put my logo in there but it is not listing in the options box.

Can anyone help?


  • acrylian Administrator
    No, that means you have to create that folder with images to use as the logo.
  • Ahh right.... Thank you! will do that then... anyway of making it clearer?

    Kriss :)
  • Ok I did that and it is still not showing up....

    Kriss :)
  • Ok it has now shown up... obviously it takes time for it to find it... or the browser does one or the other...

    Kriss :)
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