Shopping Cart Help (ZenPayPal/zpSimpleCart)

I am trying to get a shopping cart to work with zpbase, ZenPhoto version I have tried both ZenPayPal and zpSimpleCart. I am having problems with both ZenPayPal and zpSimpleCart, but different problems. With ZenPayPal, the price is always $0 and there is no album/picture description passed to the cart. I have read that information must be placed in Custom Data or Codeblocks. Can someone tell me what the format looks like? The standard ";" separated sub-elements with "|" separator between elements does not seem to work when placed in Codeblock section. With zpSimplecart, I put the two lines of PHP code into the Image document but do not see a cart on the image page. Do I need to set printCartWidget and/or printCartPrice in image.php or somewhere else? The documentation for this plugin states that the price list should be placed in custom data for the gallery to apply globally but I cannot find a reference to custom data anywhere in zpbase. I need both a where and how to put it in and a format, assuming I get the cart to display. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • acrylian Administrator
    I put the script names in the title so people familiar with them may be able to spot it.
  • I am making progress working on SimpleCart. I now have the correct partial description/price list, i.e., only the correct descriptions of options. (My problem was incorrect formatting of the code block in the Gallery options list. The list is similar to the one used by SenPayPal only price and description are reversed and there is one less field. - Dumb me for not looking closely enough.0 I do not see any prices or a cart image. When I select an option it does not update the price display (probably because it does not really have a price) and when it is sent it to the cart, it flies off the top left corner of the image page never to be seen again. From the instructions in the SimpleCart.php, I am still confused as to where to put the code for the Cart Widget. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • I have exactly the same problem with zenSimpleCart. Also the price always says $0 regardless of what but when you add to cart the price is there. No way to see items in cart or remove them.
  • Has anyone had any luck getting ZenSimpleCart to function?

    I'm having 2 issues, I can't seem to get the cart to show so I can test checkout with paypal and I'm getting $0 cost for any item in the basket.

    Got any ideas?
  • I also tried, but did not get it to work. May be it is not compatible with latest releases of zenphoto? Would be an awesome extension I really need.
  • acrylian Administrator
    That might be as both plugins have not been updated for some time. Your best chance is to ask the authors for example via the plugin's GitHub tickets. We don't know if they still read here or even are using Zenphoto at all.
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