Thank you!

Just wanted to have a thread to say thanks.
I ran into this program through lost the link and googled it a few days later. It took me a little while to set it all up and configure it, but I got it working in the end quite easily.

At this point I'm still playing with it and will try and work on some themes... I would like to integrate it with Wordpress 1.5 and work on a templated site in general, whenever I can find some downtime.

Thanks again.


  • Yes, let us echo our praise for the ZenPhoto.
  • Me too. Awesome. Exactly what I have been looking for the past two weeks. ZP is perfect. No bloat and stuff I dont need.

    I found it over on the Lussumo Community forum (Vanilla rocks too). Im working on integrating it into my WP blog as I type this.

  • trisweb Administrator
    Thank you all for using it. That's what I made it for, and I hope to continue making it a more complete great application. :)
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