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Ralf Member
I have the zpbase theme installed.

What I have noticed:
If I click on an an album thumbnail from the index page I randomly end with a white page.
The content of the album is not loaded than.
Unfortunately I can not see a 'system' in it. One time the album is loaded. If I do a page refresh I end up with a white page.
Another page refresh/reload and the album loads fine.
Also happens with pages, if there are images embedded.
The same happens when I go to the contributors homepage:

so I do not think this is a problem with my installation.

With the default zenphoto themes this 'problem' does not occur.

Anyone else has noticed this?



  • Ralf Member
    Checked with firebug on the oswebcreations site:
    GET /unsplash/

    500 Internal Server Error


    As said above - a page reload loads the album without errors.

    Same happens on my site:

    So i am pretty sure it is a template issue.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Not familiar with the theme but it seems to be loading a lot via JS. Probably there is something wrong. I quickly tried both sites and it seems to work for me. Maybe browser cache fun?
  • gjr Member
    Looking into it. Thanks -
  • gjr Member
    This has been fixed I think along with a new release 0.9. Last release for 1.5.x series hopefully. On a side note 1.4.6 version is complete just reluctant to make available for fear of more changes in development of 1.4.6 breaking it. Will try to release soon alongside 0.9, after I switch oswebcreations.com to 1.4.6.
  • acrylian Administrator
    We don't expect that much change in 1.4.6 anymore actually. We are in feature freeze anyway. Schedule is March 31st now unless big bugs surface unexpectatly.
  • Ralf Member
    Fantastic :-)

    I can confirm that Version 0.9. solves the issue.

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