printImageTitle() in

My goal is to get the image title to print below the thumbnail in the Garland theme.

I've run through the theme tutorial (super useful) and successfully added <?php printImageTitle(); ?> to the default gallery as a practice run so that the thumbnails have a printed title of the image below.

Trying my hand with the Garland theme, I don't see a next_image loop. I feel kind of silly, but I'm really hoping that someone can tell me the right file. I'm pretty sure I've scoured everything and I just must be missing something.

The css has been adjusted, I just need to figure out where the next_image loop is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The theme is a bit different from the standard ways explained on the tutorial. The `next_image` loop is within the file `/image_gallery/functions.php` within the function `theme_content()`.
  • Thanks for your help. :) Everything is awesome!
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