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Can someone please tell me exactly how to determine whether ZIP support is enabled in PHP config?
I would like to know very specifically what to look for in the phpinfo details.
What happens when I try to upload a zip file is that I don't get an error, the screen goes white/blank, and it never returns. Eventually, the status bar at bottom will say Done. The file is not uploaded, though. I'm able to upload non-zipped files fine.
I already asked my host if zip support was enabled and they said Yes. I would like to see it in the config, though.


  • trisweb Administrator
    Mine looks like this, pretty far down the page.

    Zip support | enabled
  • Thank you for the fast response.
    I do not have that. I see bzip and bz, closer up at the top. That will give me something to respond to the Tech Support folks with.
    Anything else you can think of that might cause this? Thumbnails are fine, uploading's fine (except zip), no error message on upload (it just never finishes/responds with anything...). Everything else looks great, I just can't upload zips.
  • 2 places to look

    in the php config file there should be a line like this
    if there is a semi-colin(;) before it then it is not enabled. no semicolin = enabled

    or create a php file called phpinfo.php put this in it
    browse to it should be under zip and it should say enabled or disabled

    and as far as zip goes.. mine doesnt work either. it is enabled using the latest zip php extension but no beans...(IIS)

    I am about to install it on my other webhost which is linux and ill see how/if it works there.
  • It was the php config. They said there was something wrong afterall, and re-compiled zip support into the php config (or whatever).
    And, now I have the magical:

    zip support | enabled

    bit that was mentioned earlier. So, I learned that bzip doesn't necessary mean zip support. And, I tested the upload with zip, and it worked! :)
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