Another Install

Just thought I would post and say that I had a flawless install on another site.. this time it was a linux machine, used modrewrite and it found the paths just fine.. the only editing I did was the normal stuff in the config file.. (db name, db user.. stuff like that) otherwise.. no errors. Everything seems to work..
Great Job guys...


  • I also installed without any problems, I have a test gallery (with a lot of pictures and albums) up at:

    Search possibility, Subdirs and tagging (in some way) is what I am waiting for, before dropping Coppermine for ever and use Zenphoto.

    Zenphoto rocks !
  • peh Member
    Hi thegirlinthecafe,

    Nice layout! dark themes always presents photos very nice... is this some theme that you would consider sharing?
  • It's actually the 'Sterile' Theme by Levi Buzolic. And he has it available for download.
  • peh Member
    .... I found some links to the Sterile Theme... all pointing at
    but the domain is no longer active...

    So anyone else knows where to download the "Sterile" theme?
  • Levi at loadreality now have this page:
    http://twitchandfidget.cBut i don´t now if he give away other time the theme (I like the dark theme)
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