Disable Right Click or Drag Feature

It would be awesome to incorparate a disable right click or dragging function off so you can secure your photos so it makes it harder to steal them


  • It's NOT possible to secure photos from being stolen etc. The no-right-click-button will never work on opera.

    Sec, by saving a page or even look in the browser catch makes it possible to extract the images.

    There is simply no way to get around this. If it is shown in your browser, it's stealable.... (does that word excist?)

  • the only way to stop people from getting your pictures to to have some sort of flash album that doesnt store the photos in your internet cache.

    but even then it is not full proof... print screen will always get it..
    Only way to make them non stealable is to not post them

    If you are worried about stealing of photos.. why dont you put a watermark on it?
  • Well i just want to divert the obvious ways for it not to be stolen. If someone is going to go through the trouble of print screen or saving the page... Then they really want it.

    Watermarks look really tacky if you are tryin gto showcase your work.
  • Here is a script that I wrote about 4 years ago that disables right click.. I just tried it out and it still works in IE like it did back then.. but when I wrote it , IE and Netscape were the main browsers.. so right now in firefox it pops up twice.. but it is a start
    go ahead and use it if you want. I don't remember javascript well enough to make it work with firefox also..


    just link it in the pages you want protected with the <script src="disable_right_click.js" type="text/javascript> tage
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