Integration into a html page?

After many hours of searching for a suitable gallery solution I found this, so thanks for the hard work guys, it’s a superb complete solution and it’s much appreciated.

I have managed to get it all installed and working fine as a separate gallery but would now link to include it into my website. I am not very good with web stuff but can usually follow instructions. The problems I have are as follows…the site is all html with valid css, I have done some mooching around and found the guide about installing ZP into Worldpress so have tried adapting those instructions. I changed the html on my page to .php and called the “zen/template-functions.php??? from within the page where I would like the gallery to open.

The fully working install of ZP is in /images
My under development website is in /sn
And the page that I would like ZP to be embedded in, and open as part of can be found at sn/gallerytest.php

By calling ZP using the following code

$themepath = '/images/themes';

I get “ Warning: main(home/steve68/public_html/images/themes/default/index.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/steve68/public_html/sn/gallerytest.php on line 64???

I get that repeated three times. And then the following error as well.

“Warning: main(): Failed opening 'home/steve68/public_html/images/themes/default/index.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/steve68/public_html/sn/gallerytest.php on line 64???

Line 64 of that page reads “include("$themepath/$theme/index.php");???

I have tried it without the brackets, I have tried several different paths to call the “template-functions.php??? including the standard one given as part of the original instruction to embedding zp in Worldpress, however all of them return similar errors.

Maybe it’s because of some other conflict between my html site and the php codes and my rather basic knowledge is not helping. I am not sure if what I want to do is possible or even if its as simple as I am hoping, but I would really appreciate any information or help you might be able to give to point me in the right direction.


  • In my opinion, since zenphoto is very picky about paths, instead of calling it into your html page maybe in a different directory, make a backup copy of your zenphoto index page then edit the zen index to include your information.

    Or.. and I am no php expert but I would assume you could just ... with a working gallery.... change your html to php and add .
    <?php include(''); ?>
    this was a method I used to include a random photo function into my website.

    If anyone else has any better ideas.. shoot them out.. I am by no means a php programmer and there may be better way of doing it.
  • Cheers for the quick reply :)

    Using your second method above of calling the ZP from the complete url to index it has worked but obviously I now have layout issues. I presume that I can now just tackle those with a combination of edits to ZP and my website style sheets? soon as I click on a link inside zen it then takes me to the page of full install directory to display it (I should have guessed that), so it is only calling the index and then going to the images folder. I guess to get this to work It would require all paths changing so that everything outputs to my "gallery page" rather than to the "ZP pages".

    Maybe the best solution is to edit the layout and of ZEN and make it appear like my website.
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