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First off, let me say that zenphoto kicks ass, and is "almost" exactly what I'm looking for in a photo gallery app.

However, the one feature it's missing is quite a biggy for me. No sub-albums.

I used to use SPG which was in essence a cut down version of ZP. It allowed sub albums which were auto recognised, so I know it's possible to do. I therefore wonder why it's not currently in ZP.

I appreciate that there might be techincal reasons why ZP doesn't do this, but there must be some sort of way of categorising albums (whether it's using tags, categories, or sub folders).


  • Read/ search the forums before you post. There are enough post about this, and if you had even read 1 you would know they are working on this!
  • Well, I have browsed the fourm, but I only found a couple of mentions of this, and they seemed to me to be fairly non-committal - ie I don't recall (although I may well be wrong) anyone saying it would DEFINITELY be in a future release.

    But glad to hear they are working on it.

    Can anyone tell me why it's not in already? It seems a fairly obvious thing to include?
  • For starters ther is this..

    Secondly, the reason it is not in it already is because it's called development. I am yet to find a code generator for subalbums so I am waiting until this gets out of beta and out of developer release status before I start wondering where subalbums are.

    Really we just need to be patient, they, so far, have seemed comitted to develop this gallery and honor people's resonable feature requests but like most of us, we have school and work and many other things in our lives that take time too.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Even if it were out of beta, and out of "Development Release" status, it's not guaranteed to have everything you want. We can only do our best.

    We have busy lives and other things to do. It will take time, but this is high on the priorities.

    Perhaps you also haven't thought of the interface complications that could arise from allowing subalbums with such a simple theme structure... think about that for a while and let me know if you come up with a perfect solution. ;-)
  • Wei Chen did some good sub album making and the interface looks ok: http://blog.dukechina.org/ezg/
  • trisweb Administrator
    Yes, I've seen that. He's tweaking the theme quite a bit though; sub-albums need to be standardly differentiated from photos in an album to be themable universally, not just in one theme ;-)

    It's not that hard, and I am working on it. Give it a little time...
  • I was refering to the interface, it looks plain and simple this way...
  • trisweb Administrator
    Well, yeah, in that theme. The point is that I have no control over how the themes make that interface, I can only provide the means, and that takes some thought.

    Zenphoto is not its default theme. It's more a framework for creating custom galleries and controlling how they're displayed. I have to make the best framework for nested albums so every theme can use them.
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