Ajax textareas in Opera browser

I use Opera browser (testing version 9). When I try a change o description about foto (in textarea with Ajax) this input is smaller and I don't see what i writing in. (id default and testing theme).

I think that is a bad css or js...

In theme Stopdesing its better but not good.


  • Jan Member
    I can also confirm that the same thing is happening for me in FF1.5. Editing titles is no problem, but when trying to edit album and image descriptions the input box suddenly shrinks so that it's only about five pixels high. Any idea on how to fix this?
  • Jan Member
    I'm a bit confused here... If the default style is activated the editable areas are working fine but when I active a custom made style they're not. In other words this isn't a bug in the application itself, rather in the styles.

    By the way, when I click on an editable area using the default style the height of the input box that appears seems to be controlled somehow. Where can I change this value?
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