Weird paths

Hi, I searches similar posts but none seems to be helpful for me so far...

The installation worked fine, the admin panel works as well, but all paths that are linked in the source and in links are cut by the "zenphoto" folder in which all files are.

Adresses should look like:
but are:
When I go to the correct URL of an album for example, I get Error 403, No permission to access.
Changing the RewriteBase in the .htaccess file from
down to
has no effect.

I don't know if it is connected to this issue but the thumbnails don't show up (they did in the beginning, so I guess GD installed...)

Any ideas? I am slowly beginning to pull out my hair...

I found out that the thumbnails appear in the admin panel when mod_rewrite = false. Has no effect on the albums themselves. I'm using v1.0.1b


  • Ok, I got it work with help of the `define('WEBPATH', '/site/page/zenphoto');`in functions.php


    - Thumbnails do not show up (show up at least in the admin panel when mod_rewrite = false)
    - All URLs are still cut. (i.e. missing "/albums/" in links)
    - Still Error 403 when I directly access the albums

    chmod is all right, the .htaccess is all right too i guess. What's wrong? I don't get it...?
  • I think im having a similar problem :(

    when I click on the photoshots folder the photos inside dont work neither does the thumbnail on the left.

    Im excited about editing the theme and putting pictures in the background n stuff, but this problme is really eating up my time.
  • for starters.. is mod-rewrite set to true or false and if it is set to true.. does your host support it and that the path to the gallery is correct in the htaccess file. For you it should be
    RewriteBase /gallery

    Make sure your albums and cache dir are chmod 777

    Make sure your host has GD support enabled

    also check out this topic regarding path errors
  • thanks again lol. I keep making these stupid mistakes the thing was I kept doing was:

    I kept entering the directory beetwen the !!! instead of afer the Baserewrite code now Its working great.

    # !!! this is where I was entering the directory !!!
    RewriteBase /gallery <----instead of here.
  • @chilifrei

    Chmod is all right, mod_rewrite and GD support is enabled, mod_rewrite set to true now. I tried the solution you linked but that did not work either.

    The webpath is this:
    My .htaccess is like
    RewriteBase /www/htdocs/

    The album links are still cut, going directly to the albums, you get Error 403, no permission...
  • Solved!
    Why couldn't just someone tell me that the rewritebase is the path from the root? ^^
    Of course now I found a thread about this problem and how to solve it...

    dumb me

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