2 different thumbnail sizes - need help

I'm working on a theme for zenphoto and need help.
I want to display two different thumbnail-sizes. On the album.php-page the thumbnails should be 85px x 85px - this is easy and already solved, because I can change the size in the config.php.
What I need for the index.php page (album overview) is a thumbnail in 210 x 60 px. And that is my problem. Has anyone an idea how I can create and display those thumbs, or could someone please write some code for me?
Thank you!


  • trisweb Administrator
    Levi has written some code for requesting custom-sized thumbnails via URL. It should be integrated for the next release if all goes well, so I'd wait until then. A week or so, maybe less.
  • dom Member
    I just thought I'd check if this has made it into v0.9, or if I have to contain my excitement a bit longer?

    I have come up with what is probably an OTT set of designs for each of the three template pages (with different sized thumbnails on each) and a fourth size of thumbnail on the home page of my site (mini "recent photos" thumbs).

    If this isn't integrated into the code base yet (released or not), then please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
  • @dom
    I solved the problem with a little hack i wrote for the stopdesign theme - it is not possible with the original 0.9, but it seems that there will be some function in the 1.0 release.
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