Multi-User Upload Idea

I think having multi-user upload capability included in ZenPhoto is a great idea. Giving friends, family members, or colleagues the ability to upload photos is, I think, a necessary feature for any web photo gallery.

If the creators behind ZenPhoto don't want to include such a feature, that's fine. They've made it very easy for others to add it.

As I understand it, all the albums and photos are located in the 'albums' directory under the ZenPhoto installation directory. All someone has to do is create/use a script (php?) that allows multiple users permission to upload photos to that directory and the directories underneath it. If the script could limit things like deleting photos/albums and grant things like the creation of new albums, then that'd be even better.

I've seen several php uploading scripts that provide multi-user file uploads. I haven't, however, found one that fits this kind of scenerio. I'm no programmer, so creating the script myself would be far too tedious. I wouldn't even know where to begin. But I'm sure someone could easily create/modify an existing php upload script that would work easily within ZenPhoto's structure.

I know there is always the FTP option. But having a web interface would make it easier for users that are less computer savvy.

Just my thoughts.

If anyone knows of a php script that could/does work well with ZenPhoto, please share.


  • HPKA Member
    This is precisely what I was Zenphoto would have a while back, instead i was forced to use well.. somethign else (Gallery 2). Definatly consider it.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Definitely something I'll think about.

    You're right that it doesn't have to have any connection with ZP -- all it needs to do is upload the photos in the right place.

    Of course, it'd be nice if it was in the admin part though, and used the same kind of interface, no?
  • Having a multi-user admin interface in ZP would be the ideal situation. Allowing users to register, having moderator and basic user accounts, giving certain users limited access rights, and so on would all be great things to have in ZP. But it may be a little too much. One of my favorite aspects of ZP is it's simplicity; making everything as simple as possible without all the junk from other photo galleries.

    // A little about my specific needs.

    I host a web gallery for my friends. I recently switched to ZP from Coppermine and it would be nice if there was some way they could all contribute photos to the gallery (without FTP or a complicated system). All I want is to have a way of allowing 10 to 15 people upload and folder creation access in my 'albums' directory. I really don't care if it's a multi-user interface or just a password protected admin section with limited functions. I want them to upload photos. I don't want them deleting comments, albums, or photos.
  • I've added a very simple php upload script to my webpage. It doesn't work properly, but it gives a clear idea of what I'm looking for.

    It's on the lefthand side.
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