I'm using the downloadlist plugin in my Zenphoto template for download the albums.

I've added the following code to my album page.

<?php printDownloadAlbumZipURL('Download album', $_zp_current_album); ?>

Everything work correctly if i use http, but if i use https the download does not start, the link will be create with "https:\\downloadurl", but the download does not start, if i delete manually the "s" from "https" the download starts.

Some one can help me to solve the problem with downloadlist and https?

Thnak You


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Please open a ticket. Might be a bug. Thanks.
  • Hello,

    Thank for answer!

    i've found the problem, downloadlist does not work with https when the folder name of the album contain spaces.

    - Folder name "My Album" --> DownloadList not Work in Https
    - Folder name "MyAlbum" --> DownloadList Work in Https

    Ideas for solve the problem?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sorry, had no time to investigate that. That is weird actually. But generally the names should avoid spaces and special characters as even if they should work on modern servers they often don't. There is `seo_cleanup` plugin included that can rename album and file names to "clean" names. That would be the quick fix.

    There is also the `seo_zenphoto`plugin that does this "cleaning" on uploading via the backend (via FTP all is naturally bypassed).

    Btw, you don't need to post on the ticket and on the forum ;-)
  • Thanks for the advices...
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    We'll look into why there is a difference but it may take a while.
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