Why all the hatred for the Libratus theme?


I saw a modern looking responsive website - ralf-kerkhoff.de - made with Zenphoto and the Libratus theme. I was very impressed. If such templates are available on Zenphoto, I told myself, then it is indeed a real all in one solution.
However I'm a bit taken aback by the dreadful rating of this theme 1.8/5 over 37 votes. Why? Does it take too much coding to make it work properly? The absence of comment justifiying the rating makes it a bit difficult to assess.
I would appreciate some feedback as to why this superb looking theme got such a low rating.

Thank you! :)


  • gjr Member
    As the creator I would like to know as well, in order to keep it updated. I thought this was one of my best themes. Oh well... ;)
  • Hi gjr, would you say your theme as implemented in Ralf's website (ralf-kerkhoff.de) is a standard implementation or does it look like a modified version?
  • I think I know what's happening. When confronted with an arbitrary rank or grade on a product they're interested in, users tend to look for details/expand. As I understand there's no details to be expanded but the only clickable bit is the "submit" link, whose default value is the average of the former votes. So there's a snowball effect and a lot of people looking for more information end up giving you less than 2 stars. I know because I just did it, by mistake, most probably like the 30+ other users.

    Is it possible to flag the ranking interface?
  • gjr Member
    Looks unmodified to me.
  • Ralf Member
    the only thing which is modified is the google adsense code added to some pages.

    Everything else is 'out of the box' - and after using the theme for some time I would rate it with 5stars.

  • Hey for the record i love the libratus theme. Im wondering though is there some easy way to make the height of the mainpage slideshow 50% of the browser. Because right now alot of people are not recognizing that you can scroll down to get to albums. I would really appreciate any hints about what to modify to get this working
  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    Add the following line to the theme's `style.css` file:

    (location of the `style.css` file: `/themes/libratus/css/style.css`)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    `#ss-wrap{height:50vh;}` might be better. `vh` is the viewport height (= browser window). In older browser that will not work though so try first the percent values for older and then the newer version.
  • Thanks worked great! Again this theme is the best looking theme of all that ive encountered and its the reason we setteled for zenphoto. As the system is great but the other themes look alittle outdated
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    but the other themes look alittle outdated
    Yes, they do. We sadly have only limited resources to also provide lots of great themes so we are dependent on third party contributions. Sadly there is not that much happening there.However, there will be a few new official themes in the future.
  • I really love this theme. Going from desktop to mobile to laptop to tablet, it's awesome to see it looks good on all out of the box :-)
  • I really love this theme, but for some reason on a new site, it won't display the Gallery page. I'm guessing there's a PHP error somewhere causing it to display a blank white page. It works fine as an Album or Photo page, it's just Gallery that's giving me a problem. Currently, I have it displaying a zenphoto Gallery page, and then all other pages are Libratus.

    Also, @gjr if I have technical questions on the theme, should I send them to you directly?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    If you get blank pages the first you should do is look into your server php error log (ask your host where to find that). Otherwise all is just guessing if it is a missing plugin, a theme bug or just the wrong php version or whatever.

    If I may answer for gir who is a bit busy in the "real world" currently: you can ask here directly. If it is actual bug report or something the issue tracker in the theme's github repo is better though.
  • Great theme, my favorite too!
    coming over from gallery3...
  • My question was that I've tried different methods on the albums.php file, but haven't found a way to add captions, something like http://i.imgur.com/ixVwp2J.jpg (I only manipulated the first row with Photoshop, to illustrate the point). Most themes, understandably, are focused on images, and the content is obvious, but for videos, sometimes the addition of a caption would be very helpful.

    Also, the albums.php may be the wrong place to do that for this these. At one point, I was inserting text randomly, just to see where it would display, and it didn't seem to have any effect.

    Thanks for any advice
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Actually videos are also "images", just special ones. You can use the image title and image description functions as on any normal image.

    Not familiar with the theme but depending on what you want it is either album.php or image.php where you need to add them. Of course you will need to modify CSS as well so that fits actually.
  • Yes, the familiarity with the theme was why I was wondering how to contact gir, but you said to ask here.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sure, gjr is just a bit busy in "real life" so answer may take a bit.
  • @fretzl: Better to add this in the "Custom CSS box" than edit the theme, surely?

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    You're right! Thanks.
    Completely forgot about that possibility.
  • Ralf Member
    old thread I know.
    Just wondering what happened to/with gjr.

    Noticed that his website is gone.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sadly we have no idea either as we lost contact some time ago as well. In any case he always had a full time day job that was not web related anyway.
  • If have some Problems with the folder title-images. Is there still someone here?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The theme author is not but we are still here obviously. We don't specifially support the theme but we have forked it so any issues can possibly corrected: https://github.com/zenphoto/libratus

  • The folder of the Titleimage are listet in the menustructure. If I unpublish the folder "titleimages" i have no images on the titlesites, but the album is not listet in the menulist. How can I make the folder titleimage unvisible in the menu-structure?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2019

    I fear I cannot answer this question right away as I am not overly familar with the theme. I will have to check later when I have the time to do so.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2019

    If I understand correctly you have an album specifically for the homepage slideshow images. And you do not want that album to appear in the menu?
    By far the easiest is to hide the menu-item with CSS.
    In the css/style.css file add the following line:
    #nav li a[title="titleimages"] {display: none;}

  • In my zenphoto (Version 1.4.9; PHP-Version: 5.4.45-0+deb7u14; www.torstenbahr.com)
    I use the libratustheme and it is quite nice. But the theme has an folder for the slideshow what is shown in the menu.
    But I don´t know, how I could add " #nav li a[title="titleimages"] {display: none;} " to this menuitem.
    I tried to use "menumanager" but the menus generatet are not in the style of the libratustheme.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I would this sounds like a theme bug. That slideshow should be able to use an unpublished album that is not visible (to non loggedin visitors). Don't know how it does this right now but that is certainly possible.

    I tried to use "menumanager" but the menus generatet are not in the style of the libratustheme.

    That's unfortunate that the theme author didn't setup it for this…

  • hm, thats dump. I think I will have to take a close look to menumanager again... hamburger menu in style of libratus would be perfect.

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