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Is there a way to force a "line break" in the "description"?
I'm trying this in Effervescence and StopDesign but having no luck.


  • acrylian Administrator

    I am not sure what you mean by "force". If you are not using the TinyMCE texteditor, you can use the htm <br>.

  • I'm trying to break up a description into separate lines. Right now a description lays out as though it is one long line of characters and only breaks to another line when characters are more than about 120. The
    has no effect. And I don't see a plug in for the Tiny MCE texteditor.

  • The usual page break of less than "br" and greater than, has not effect.

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited October 2017

    No, as normal "line breaks" are not supported. Use standard html for formatting or the TinyMCE editor which naturally also uses html internally. The plugin is called `tinymce4" and is for sure there since it is included.

    If you really need these line breaks you have to edit your theme to use the pure values from the database.

  • Thank you. I added the plugin. It works. But the tags remain visible when you go and read the description.

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited October 2017

    Then you need to check the theme used. It surely does not with official themes (we use it on our own site as well).

    Of course if you are using the editor, you don't need and should not add html tags manually, then they just would be text. Use the buttons the editor provides. For line breaks you need to use Shift + Enter, for paragraphs only Enter. Just like in Word etc.

  • Thank you, thank you. Things are working well now. Much appreciated.

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