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I have experimented (for years) with different combinations of themes/plugins that will generate a gallery experience that most closely resembles swiping through photos on a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately I have never been able to generate anything close. It seems like the best choice is a gallery employing colorbox.js. I am currently using zpArdoise and once you get colorbox to load the images on a smartphone it gets close to what want.

Anyone have any suggestions for alternative?

2 more related questions.

Has anyone modified colorbox to include caption or exif date below the image? Ooops I just noticed Vincent has the Caption or filename at the top of the Colorbox image. I will have to look at the code in that area.

I see that some themes can be duplicated and some can't, is this option only available for officially supported themes? I would like to duplicate zpArdoise and have a second version with settings specific to mobile.


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    You can just make a copy of the theme folder with a new name to add your modifications.

    Adding swiping like on mobile can be done but would be a theme based things. Especially if you like to retain an image page url to link to it is not that simple. We might have something for this in the future though that also other themes can use.

    Btw, the slideshow2 can be used for swiping as the slideshow itself can also be called on a theme directly for any album. Requires some coding of course.

  • Yes I tried duplicating a theme by making a copy of the folder with a new name, but the settings did not seem to be saving. Maybe I will try again.

  • I tried that again. With zpArdoise I was unable to have 2 different sets of theme settings. And it seemed to cause a few problems.

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    Duplicating just duplicates the theme folder with a new name and does not (and cannot) alter any code. Just like when you do this manually. Actually the theme setting should still save just under the same options names so both versions would use the same. Try to delete the original theme as you need only one anyway.

  • according to me, colobox is not usable on mobile devices.
    other lightbox are more modern as this one.
    as far I can see on github, there i no plan to make it responsive, so for me, this script is dead.

    if you are looking for a theme for mobile device (and can be used of course on tablet and desktop), have a look on zpBootstrap.
    fancybox is used as lightbox and is very usefull in responsive design.

    if you are "fluant" in coding php, html, and css, you may consider to adapt zpArdoise for your own needs, by changing colorbox by fancybox.
    as there is a hack on galleriffic to use colorbox, the best way is to not use this galleriffic option.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Our colorbox is more or less responsive via CSS. Not fluently on resizing but in practice you don't do it that often as you mostly use one device at the time.

    But generally I agree and therefore in the next major release we will ship another script (not in 1.4.x anymore but it is quite easy to use another script).

  • Thanks for the advice guys. I may take another look at Bootsrap

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