zpBootstrap Version 2.1, no thumbs in album if using option "Infinite scroll"

Ierdna Member
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if I use the option infinite scroll I don't see thumbs in album.
inc_print_image_thumb.php is called in album_infinitescroll.php.
If I remove this line : <?php if (!empty($fullimage)) { ?> from inc_print_image_thumb.php thums are displayed.

This is the solution for me at the moment. Can I let it so?

Thank you


  • you have thumbs displayed without this option?

  • in fact my theme use full image with fancybox.
    have a look on admin>options>images, and set option Full image protection with other value than no access.

  • I have thumbs without this line : php if (!empty($fullimage)) . My settings now:


    Disable hotlinking : unchecked
    cache the full image : unchecked
    Password: no access

    I will change option "Password" to Protected view and see what is happen

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