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This is going to be a really newb question so sorry in advance :)
I have installed Zenphoto and the Zenpage theme to my site through cPanel and it is all there. I can see the site and the admin panel.
My question is simply how do I get started?
I can't see any way to edit the front page apart from in options>gallery>gallery title and description
I want to try to use this as the main CMS for the whole site so it will have other subject as well as my gallery such as a family history page etc.
I can see where I add pages so that won't be a problem I don't think. I just can't see where I can edit and personalise the front page to any great degree.
I have searched for an idiots guide but it seems I'm too much of an idiot to find one.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please
Oh, if it helps the site is at


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Changing the look of the frontpage (or the whole website) is a matter of changing theme files.
    Better yet, create a your own theme. That's what Zenphoto is about. To provide tools to create your unique website.
    I suggest you start with reading the Theming tutorial
    A basic understanding of PHP, HTML and CSS is required.

  • cliver Member

    Brilliant, I'll look at the tutorial. Many thanks fretzl.

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