Wrong shutterspeed displayed

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I have the problem with 3 of 4 of my Zenphoto installations that they display not the correct shutterspeed.
I must say that my installs differ based on different server settings and PHP versions and it is not related to the pictures nor cameras as one of my installations displays the proper values.

I found this: https://forum.zenphoto.org/discussion/comment/1903785/#Comment_1903785 and I am not able to find this file /zp-core/exif.php in my installations.

Which file(s) do I need to look @?

Thank you.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Pretty obvious ;-): /zp-core/exif/exif.php

  • "Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht." :)

  • Nordlicht Member
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    Seems that it is not related with Zenphoto.

    Or - maybe.
    I saw that when I remove the xmp sidecar, that the correct shutterspeed is displayed...

    Investigation goes on...

  • Ok, it is related with the xmp sidecar!
    This topic can be moved from "General" to "Plugins". ;)

    It is not related with /zp-core/exif/exif.php

    I just removed the xmp file,

    • pressed the refreshed metadata button
    • apply changes (had to re-enter the picture description)
    • hit F5 in the browser
      and - voila, the correct time is displayed. All cams and tested pics.

    Would it be possible to ask one of the devs to have a closer look @ the xmpMetadata Plugin?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We will as soon as we can :-)

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