Appply changes to all images os given album

I was looking for a way to change the owner or any other field of all images contained in a given album.
We are several friends sharing a gallery and some of them have difficulties uploading their images so I receive them for uploading but I want them to be assigned to the real author.
I expected haven a way to manipulate all photos in an album or having the choice to apply filters like "all images having that camera" and then "change author/owner" etc


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    There are several bulk action for changing the owner for images incling changing the owner. BOth on the image sorting and the image edit tab. But you have to manually select the images you like to change it.

    Otherwise such specific selection can only be done by conde using the core object model.

  • Ok, I have done since phpMyAdmin with SQL sentences but I thought it would be possible doing it from the administrator front end.
    In fact that would be useful being able to apply some filters to select a subset of images (for example album, date, EXIFArtist etc)
    I am new to ZenPhoto and I have not found coding reference for writing custom PHP code.
    Is there any documentation on the subject anywhere?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2019

    Sorry that is not possible right now. We might have something for this in the future though.

    There is documentation: (this is all within the code itself)

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