Error:True uploading video

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I have this issue, whats can be going on?

how can i solve?

I have the max limit set to 1024mb and memory limit to 512mb

(link removed by admin)

I tried also with a file of 500mb and another of 280MB and same error.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I have removed the short link as I don't follow those and cannot tell if your question is valid.

    If it is please state what error when or where you get this doing what exactly which what kind of file.

  • The short link was a screenshot of the error.

    It doesn't give an error number, just "error:True" when uploading a mp4 video file.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Sorry, best use real url to avoid future confusion.

    You get that error true where? Your server's PHP error log? Zenphoto debug log? Browser error log? Right in the browser itself?

    What are using for uploading? elFinder? jquery uploader? http uploader?

    Are the necessary plugins enabled for supporting videos?

  • Hello,

    See the screenshot:

    Using jquery uploader, with low file videos works fine but when i try with this ones it always happen the same.

    I check the servers log and zenphoto log (the file error_log in the ftp) and i doen't have any information about that.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    If smaller videos work I would suspect you run into file upload size limits and/or in combination with other limits possibly. Even if the file is smaller than your upload limit.

    How did you raise your limits exactly? By php, htaccess? Sometimes the server reports larger settings although it actually ignores them. For example you may raise the php memory limit to the extrem but if the server does not support it it ignores it.
    Or it is disc space since you need more space for the tempory file while uploading etc. Can only guess if there is no actual error anywhere.

    I suggest to ry the http upload so this perhaps triggers an actual error as iti s not wrapped in JS. And if all fails you can still use FTP to upload directly.

    Do the videos need to be that large? Can't you compress them more? Or if this is a public site perhaps consider using a video service like Youtube (this is possible with a workaround via the textobject plugin - see the user guide). The benefit there is that it can offer videos matching the visitors device and connection speed.

  • Hello, i just try with the elFinder upload and it works fine with a file of 500Mb, so the problem is with the jQuery method.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    I don't see any limit in the jquery uploader itself in fact it is set to null.
    What are your other server settings like the post_max_size etc.?

    Normally the jquery uploader has several error messages for various errors. Did you look into your browser console if there are any JS errors?

    Also please try the http uploader so we can really sure.

  • cienfu Member
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    Using the http uploader i cant upload the video, ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED.

    And trying again the jQuery, the browser console says Failed to load resource: ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Probably it does something different than elFinder. Sorry, the jquery uploader and elFinder are adapted tools so I have no idea. Perhaps that and server differences as my colleague @fretzl seemed to be able to upload large files if below the server upload limit.

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