A Quicker Way to Tag?

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Greetings. For the past few days I have been trying to implement a way for admin users to add tags at the front end, rather than going through the admin-edit page. Originally I was thinking of implementing in the admin drop down to have an additional function to edit tags along with editing the individual photo.

Another thought that has come to mind is working with the current theme to
a). Check if user is an admin.
b). If an admin, display a button to open a dirty window with a list of available tags to add/remove.

I have a decent understanding of the php/html used by ZenPhoto but still learning how a lot of the more advanced code operates


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We had once sort of front end editing but have removed that because of security issue years ago. At the moment there are no plans to re-add something like this,

    You have numerous ways to add tags in Zenphoto:

    • On the edit pages
    • On the image thumb list via bulk actions
    • Before uploading via image metadata

    If you want to do this you should do this via a plugin. Also you need to look into the rights management and the object model. We have tutorials on our site about these. Reading the theming tutorial of course might be useful as well.

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