finding unpublished albums and images

In Admin overview there is a section:

Gallery Stats
17668 Images (164 un-published)
12209 Albums (54 un-published)

for instance.

Is there an easy way to located the unpublished Albums and Images?

I have queried the database and located them, but I feel there should be an easier way that I am missing?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, use the publishContent plugin for this.

    You should never just query the database for anything especially not publish status, protection or the like as there are inheritances for sub albums involved that the database does not directly cover. For example a sub album may not be password protected or unpublished but will inherit if its parent is.

  • Thank you for your very prompt reply.

    I have installed the publishContent plugin as you suggest, but although this allows us to change the default publish configuration it does not show which items are currently not published - it just states the totals again:

    Note: The number of un-published items does not include items that are un-published by inheritance.

    Albums not published 54 unpublished albums
    Images not published 92 albums with unpublished images


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited August 2020

    Notice the green arrow allows to show the actual list on each section where you see them and can publish them by hitting apply.

  • Thank you - fine - obviously too subtle for me!!

    Many thanks,

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