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Hi Folks,

I have a new installation. If I browse the root, http://zen.tryx.org, I can view the content, but I get no opportunity to log on. Shouldn't there be some persistent hyperlink to a logon dialog?

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  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The login link is yourdomain.com/admin. There is an included plugin user-login_out to enable one persistently (if the theme used supports it). It is not generally active as it naturally does not provide any use for normal visitors.

  • Hi Acrylian,

    Thanks. I understand things better as I proceed.

    First, I seem to have a problem with my installation... if I go to http://zen.tryx.org/admin, I get "The requested URL /admin was not found on this server.", but if I go to http://zen.tryx.org/zp-core/admin.php, everything works as expected. Is this .htaccess or something else?

    Second, suppose my theme doesn't support user log-on/off or I don't want to present the user log-on/off option... Some viewers are "tourists", simply looking, and some are "participants". How do the "participants" log on? http://zen.tryx.org/admin? So, maybe instead of requiring that they know yet another secret, I should present user log-on/off. I guess I need to investigate the themes ...

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  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited December 2020

    Is this .htaccess or something else?

    Yes, either that is missing, which Setup would have reported. Or your server does not support modrewrite or it does but it is not enabled.

    The login URL is always the same and not really a secret. Plugin or not they will end up there more or less even if you use the plugin option to directly show the login form. So either the participants must just bookmark the URL or you have to add the user-login-out plugin support to the theme used (the official one all do as far as I remember).

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