How To Make Images Page Size?

I have just started using zenphoto and it seems fine. But I'm disappointed in the size of the images when a thumbnail is clicked on to view the image. And I can't see where I can change it in configuration and googling has had me read an immense amount of stuff all talking about something else and not helping me...

I'd think essentially what I'm asking for would be very easy - a kind of default - just use all the available screen space for the image would do.

Choosing percentages of it, allowing for different margins on different sides would be lovely... but first of all, at least, just let me use the screen I've got.

How do I do that?

No images here I guess. So I've put a screenshot on imgur so's you can see what I mean. The landscape shot is poorly displayed like this:


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Options > Theme has different images sizes (here the "sized image" which the Basic theme you are using supports. If you need more control like margins, you have to create a copy of the theme and modify it. Themes are suggestion and can never fit anyone's needs.
    Learn the basics of theming here:

    Other themes may choose to override these and use any size defined on the theme itself.

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