How To Make An Album From A Folder in The 'Gallery' Folder?

\r\nI just started using zenphoto on my site. got a couple of albums working fine. when I was uploading them it said somewhere that I could ftp files up, too. so I did that. I ftp' another folder today intending to make an album out of it. It is right there in the 'albums' folder alongside the existing album folders and with the same permissions.\r\n\r\nBut where does it show up in zenphoto? I don't see it anywhere and I don't see where I can get zenphoto to look on the drive, find it and make an album of it.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Well, if you uploaded it to the `albums" folder it would show up on the site depending on the theme used in Basic it would be on the front page or on page 2+ depending on your sort order. Otherwise it will be display on the albums tab on the backend.

    Zenphoto generally needs to discover it on the file system first which should happen by visitng the related pages. See how that generally works. I cannot answer why it would not be displayed once discovered. Review your error logs for possible errors.

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