Caching Sub Album images

If I use the standard Cache Manager plugin option (in Overview) in either Classic or Curl mode I can cache my gallery images - but only those in top level Albums. The results of my latest attempt at this shows:

Caching done!
Images processed: 0/12654
Albums processed: 54/175
Processing time: 0.4 minutes

Zero images were cached on this run because they were cached on previous runs. However you can see that a large number of (sub) Albums remain un-cached. If I go to one of these Sub Albums and run the Cache Manager from that level (to Cache Album Images) then the relevant Sub Album images are indeed cached.

Refreshing cache for Photos/Cakes/Mum-80
Caching done!
Images processed: 9/9
Albums processed: 1/1
Processing time: 0 minutes

So how do I get all images, in all Albums / Sub Albums cached from the Gallery (Overview) downwards ?

I am running a locally hosted (on Debian Buster, patched up to date) Zenphoto v1.5.7 using the Apache web server and currently using the Multiverse theme with generally default settings.




  • fretzl Administrator, Developer, Testrole

    This is a bug that is fixed in the Support build.
    Please try.

  • Thanks, upgraded to v1.5.8RC yesterday and ran Cache Manager overnight afterwards. Seems to do a much better job of caching albums/sub alums. I did however have 3 problems with the update:

    1) During Setup of new version:
    Warn: Zenphoto core files [Some files are missing or seem wrong] Perhaps there was a problem with the upload. This may not be critical at all as perhaps just the file times may be off compared to other files. You should check the following files:zp-core/zp-extensions/elFinder/php/.tmp

    Checked and no such file exists in the specified directory

    2) Had lots of these errors in the debug log:
    NOTICE: exif_thumbnail(DSC07124.JPG): Potentially invalid endianess, trying again with different endianness before imminent failure. in /var/www/html/zenphoto/zp-core/functions-image.php on line 206
    exif_thumbnail called from cacheImage (functions-image.php [206])
    from i.php [152]


    3) Several of these:
    NOTICE: Undefined variable: success in /var/www/html/zenphoto/zp-core/functions.php on line 1602
    sortArray called from sortByMultilingual (functions.php [483])
    from sortByKey (functions.php [1486])
    from AlbumBase->sortImageArray (class-album.php [1150])
    from Album->getImages (class-album.php [1421])
    from AlbumBase->getAlbumThumbImage (class-album.php [495])
    from printCustomAlbumThumbImage (template-functions.php [1868])
    from include (gallery.php [28])
    from include (index.php [13])
    from include (index.php [130])
    from index.php [56]

    Upgraded Gallery seems to work OK except for these warnings/errors during caching.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2021

    1) As the notice says it is a precaution and there might not be anything wrong.

    2) Can't say much besides notice text. This seems to be a PHP core message. Check thte meta data on the images noted.

    3) Thanks, that might be a bug/oversight as that function is new. Will look into that. EDIT: This should be fixed now.

  • Thanks for your update. As to 1), I don't have the 'elfinder' plugin installed on my site.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    don't have the 'elfinder' plugin installed on my site.

    That is an included plugin.

  • 1) This error is probably caused by the developers running the file list generator on a configuration with a file (in this case .tmp) which is not part of the distribution. The correction would be to regenerate the file list without the extraneous file.

    2) Endianess has to do with byte order of numbers. Originally the difference between Intel and Motorola processors. Images typically have an indicator of which way the numbers are stored. The error indicates that the specific images either do not have the indicator or it appears to be wrong. If you don't get the fatal error, then PHP has managed to handle things. At any rate, the issue is with the images.

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