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Hi Folks,

I have just moved my entire image/audio/video archive from Piwigo, and after a few file permission corrections, everything is working splendidly. So, now I have this huge legacy archive, and I'd like to reorganize it. I'd prefer to do it from the web application, rather than moving files around in the filesystem; It is much easier if you can see the images.

Say, I'm viewing an album. Maybe I have it filed in the "People" category, but it is really more suited to the "Event" category, and I'd like to move the album to some other location, or maybe I have some pictures that would be better suited to be an another album. Is there a plugin that lets me relocate elements?

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    First lets be sure of terminology. Zenphoto albums and images do not have asynchronous categories. Only news articles have categories.

    So if you really mean you want to move images and albums around to different albums then you are in luck. The album and image administrative pages provide you with "move" and "copy" functions that should do what you wish.

    Once you have an active gallery you should use these functions rather than the file system anyway. Zenphoto keeps a database in parallel with the file system, so if you move something via the file system it will be considered a new item and the database entry for the old location will be orphaned. (If you have done this, you can refresh the database to clean things up.)

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    Thanks very much. You have completely answered this question.

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