I can't show "Random Images" on my main page (zpArdoise Theme).

guirala Member, Translator

Hi folks, for this reason the error log shows the following:

USER WARNING: getRandomImages (called from functions.php line 62) is deprecated Use image_album_statistics plugin function getImageStatistic () with proper parameters You can disable this error message by going to deprecated functions plugin options and uncheck getRandomImages in the list of functions. in /home/viajarpo/public_html/zp-core/zp-extensions/deprecated-functions.php on line 158
trigger_error called from deprecated_functions :: notify (deprecated-functions.php [158])
from getRandomImages (deprecated-functions.php [208])
from zpArdoise_printRandomImages (functions.php [62])
from include (inc_print_image_statistic.php [31])
from include (gallery.php [27])
from include (index.php [11])
from include (index.php [130])
from index.php [56]

Now, to solve this I don't know how to use the getImageStatistic () function of the image_album_statistic plugin, or where to use it or with what parameters.
Could you help me with this?
Thanks and a big greeting.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Your general problem is that @vincent3569 does not officallly support this theme anymore.

    To fix this yourself:

    • Enable the image_album_statistics plugin
    • Find getRandomImages() as the warning tells
    • Replace it with the getImageStatistic() call. Documentation of the image_album_statisic function is here:

    • There might be more to do but I am not that familiar with the theme off hand.

    I will see if I can fix this on my fork of the theme later on.

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