character set.

Hi everyone.

my gallery mostly English but some visitors reply and add comment in Arabic, but the words don't appear correctly. i have tried to use other character set than Unicode-UTF 8 but its worse!!

can anyone help please? as the comments are so important.


  • Hi. You haven't told us the version of zenphoto you are using. All character sets should work so long as:

    1. Your gallery characterset is UTF-8.
    2. All your database tables and fields are UTF-8
    3. You are on an up-to-date version of Zenphoto.

    #2 may be an issue if you have migrated from one of the earlier versions of Zenphoto. In that case the database fields are left at whatever they were set to, most likely a version of Ansi. We do not convert them to UTF-8 because if there are actually Ansi accented characters or other multi-byte characters stored, they would get garbaged.

    If you know that there are none of the above characters, just change the encoding of the database table. If there are such characters you will have to migrate the data.
  • Hi sbillard
    my gallery is new and its version zenphoto version 1.2.3 [3483]
    1. my gallery charactersset is UTF-8
    2. i donno about the database table! it has been automaticly created when i setup the gallery
    3. i think the version im using is quite new

    i dont think i migrated anything because i installed this version and never updated since then..

    here is some info about the database:
    Server version: 5.0.67.d7-ourdelta-log
    MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
    MySQL connection collation:utf8_unicode_ci

    and here Installation information
    * Zenphoto version 1.2.3 [3483] (Official Build)
    * Current gallery theme: default
    * PHP version: 4.3.11
    * PHP memory limit: (Note: Your server might allocate less!)
    * MySQL version: 5.0.18
    * Database name: ---------
    * Table prefix: zp_
    * Spam filter: none
    * Captcha generator: zenphoto

    Active plugins:

    * class-video
    * filter-zenphoto_seo
    * flowplayer
    * image_album_statistics
    * rating

    Active filters:

    * seoFriendlyURL
    o 10: filter-zenphoto_seo.php => filterAccentedCharacters
  • All the setup should be correct given the above. Have you tried other (non Arabic) characters with accents? Any warnings from the setup program?
  • no i did not. but it seems that i can write Arabic correctly on some PCs and not on others!

    how could i check the setup warnings?
  • When you run setup it will show you any warnings on the system check list.

    Do you mean you can write Arabic on some client PCs and not others or on some Server PCs and not others. If it is the Server PC, setup may show you the warnings. If it is the client PCs, it would be a configuration of the browser.
  • nothing wrong with the setup besides the problem with client PCs
    on some the arabic is good
    on some others is not even i change the configuration. i've tried all of them but no chance

    i have another up problem. over the sudden, RSS is not working! please check the RSS link
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The feed is working for me.
  • how come? when i click on it, it gives me an impty page while i have many photos in the gallery and that is on firefox

    on IE it gives me an error "This feed contains code errors."
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Firefox is a little picky indeed. I use a feed reader named NetNewsWire on Mac. Since you run 1.2.3 you should upgrade to 1.2.4.
  • i was thinking about it but i have no time to do it. plus im afraid something might happen! or is totaly safe to upgrade?
  • It is always your choice if to upgrade. However, if you are having difficulties with the version you are running upgrading is your only option. Our fixes always go against the current release.
  • is there an upload order like uploading themes folder first then Zp-core then the root files? or it really dose not matter?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The order does not matter.
  • then why it gives me a warning that some files are messing and i have to upload them again! since all of them are there.. i believe it dose matter, or its a bug.
  • Upload order certainly will not matter on any files not uploaded. What files does it note? You should check first that these files have been uploaded and second that their file times are close to those of the rest of the upload. If you did upload the files separately over a long period of time then you would get this warning. Why not just upload the whole package at the same time?
  • all files uploaded at the same time
    but anyway its ok now..
    i dont upload the zip file because i donno how to unpack it on the server
  • Hi, I found that after a new upgrade some characters in the album description are showing up like:
    ’s “

    I tried to fix this problem using the following query in SQL:

    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '“', '“');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '”', '”');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '’', '’');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '‘', '‘');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '—', '–');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '–', '—');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '•', '-');
    UPDATE zp_albums SET desc = REPLACE(desc, '…', '…');

    However I am getting this error:
    SQL query:

    UPDATE zp_albums SET DESC = REPLACE( DESC , '“', '“' ) ;

    MySQL said:

    #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'desc = REPLACE(desc, '“', '“')' at line 1
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Your issue is probably the result of some encoding mismatch on your server. THere are several (db table encoding, db fields, connection etc).

    "DESC" is a reserved keyword in MySQL so you need to place it in back ticks on the SET call.
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