'albums' path

I'd like to change my 'albums' directory name and BTW change the whole path to get one level up.
I succeeded by editing my classes.php and some other things, and it worked.
It could have just been easier if it was a variable in the config.php. ;)
That's a suggestion, and I think you don't have to change a lot to make it work (e.g by setting the default as '/albums'.
That's all ! Thanx


  • trisweb Administrator
    True, but in some installs it gets tricky with permissions and PHP safe-mode to access files up from the script. I'll keep the default for now.
  • ok for the level up, but what about just changing the name ? Because looking for 'albums' in the sources can be very tricky ;) When you share the folder with some other stuff, it gets a bit hard to deal with.
    And for my concern, I'll have to do the whole job for each release...
    Anyway, if you could keep it in a corner of your mind, that would be great :) Keep the good work!
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