Tagging multiple images

Just wondering if there is a way to tag images while I bulk upload them. Am using the flash uploader which works great, but I would love it if I could tag the images too. That way I don't have to go in and do it individually.

I know I can tag the albums but that's not the structure I was hoping to follow.

thanks in advance

by the way, the cms is great


  • There is no direct way. But you have a couple of options:

    First and best is to use a local application to add the tags (maybe called also keyword) to the images themselves before upload.

    Second, after the upload completes you will be redirected to the images tab where the images will be displayed. (Well, at least some of them depending on how many images you show per page vs how many you uploaded.) There you can use the bulk actions to tag them.
  • Hi thanks, I noticed when I am at the Albums menu/tab there is an option to "add tags to images"

    That seems to do the trick.

    Thanks for the quick response.
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