i'm back to use zephoto somme question

salam all
i'm back to use this sweet script.but i think that the old version is good i have tray the script in my host this is the link


quetions are:
1-when i go to a gallery and i view a picture ther is no way to go to the next picture in the same categorie
i know that there is the slidshow but it's very bad no way to stop it or come back to gallery.so any way to add botten to view the next image?
2-in the last version that i have use.there is posibility to allow visitor to download the image?i don't find it in this version how can i do it?
3-in the last version visitor can rate image i don't find it too.
4-i want add small code script to know home many visiters come to my gallery.plz where i should but the code?the same question for adds.

5:any way to embed video from othere site example i put link from youtube(wwww.yot.b/dfgd55454) or an othere site and the script generate a video (lake in wordpress whe can add embided video addone.

the last one is a sugg:way when you add a video you the script can't generate a thumbnil?

now this all i will come back for others ;).but thank you alot i love this script so match and i hopp can translate it to arabic ;)


  • fretzl Administrator
    First of all, in options => gallery you filled in the fields Website title and Website url.
    (a website url is not the same as an email address)
    Leave those fields blank.

    1) This works for me. Look at the top right for "previous" and "next" buttons. http://www.kinandev.com/gallery/nouvel-album/3id.jpg.php

    The slideshow is working as it should. If you click the stop button (the little square in the controls) you wil be redirected to your site again.
    If you want the slideshow to work differently you will have to modify it yourself.

    2) In options => image un-check Disable hotlinking and set the Full image protection to Download

    3) Enable the rating plugin.

    4) Please see http://www.zenphoto.org/news/theming-tutorial

    5) Enable the class-textobject plugin and place a text file with the youtube embed code in your album.

    last one) create a .jpg file with the same name as your video in the same album as where your video is located. So you'll have myvideo.flv and myvideo.jpg in the same album.

    Please try to familiarize yourself with Zenphoto and also read the theming tutorial.
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