user group may not publish own pictures

Hello everybody,

how can I make sure that a group of users can not publish their own photos?
background of the whole thing is that the users (young people) although all may see unpublished images.
Only the admin decides what pictures can be seen in public.



  • Do not assign them edit rights nor upload rights to the albums. See
  • Hello sbillard,
    the problem is that the user will upload their pictures, but they should have no right to publish.
  • Did you read the reference?
  • yes i did,
    Upload rights: is ok, the user can upload to their album.

    ... Unchecking the "edit" or "upload" boxes will prevent the user from accessing those capabilities.

    Question: Where is the edit box?

    I use the Garland theme in German.

    the checkboxes are:

    View fullimage --> is disabled
    Access all --> is disabled
    View unpublished --> is enabled
    Upload --> is enabled
    Manage all --> is disabled
  • update:
    I also use the plug-in admin-approval, but that does not seem to work because the user can still publish pictures.

    the information-link is not online:
    What you are requesting cannot be found. Maybe you want to try a search?
    Album: documentation/plugins
    Image: _zp-extensions---admin-approval.php.html
  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    Maybe you're looking for this:

    In options => gallery, find Gallery behavior and un-check Publish images by default.
    Then only assign Upload and View unpublished rights to your group.

    ... Unchecking the "edit" or "upload" boxes will prevent the user from accessing those capabilities.

    Under the groups tab find Managed albums (a gray bar that expands if you click on it)
    As soon as you select one of the albums listed there and hit Apply, two checkboxes appear to the right of the selected album.
    Now you can decide what a user is allowed to do.
  • Hello fretzl,
    thanks for the help,
    now I've found it all and it works the way I want it.
    I may just not assign the user a common group, because each user has his own primary album, and this spezial Album can not be managed from a user group.
  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    That's correct. Glad it works.
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