FTP password required for inserted image

I inserted an image in my album description using the TinyMCE but each time I open the albums in the gallery the FTP asks me to enter the password. Which I of course have but my users don't.
Only after that the pic shows.

Tried different Formats (.jpg and .png), different locations (no folder, 'uploaded', 'albums'), I uploaded the pic within the system and directly to my FTP server but as soon as I use a different device there's a blank frame where I put the picture and the pop-up is asking the user to enter the password ...

What is the problem; what else can I do?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I am not sure I understand how FTP can be involved at all with this? Did you accidentally use an FTP link then?
  • What do you mean by 'accidentally'? ;)

    That's the only think that worked. Copying the HTTP URL from the FTP server as well as using the picture's address shown in the browser within the CMS didn't work.
    It shows a 'broken image' -icon when you do that.
  • Heyyyy ...

    It worked! Put in the wrong address.
    I'm an idiot. Sorry!

    Thanks a lot anyway!
    I definetly learned sth.

    Have a great day, acrylian!
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