Installation instruction site error

I tried to access the site specified in install, and it appears to be a online computer store or something, nothing about zenphoto... the prolem is that i am kind of stupid regarding the install of zenphoto... what are the other 4 steps mentioned in that file?
If someone has the install file... pls copy/paste here in a msg. 10x


  • I'm also having problems with the installation. This may be due to my hosting provider but I haven't figured out what I may be missing.

    As far as the instructinos go, to install ZP as I understood you should go to your site with the directory for zenphoto and run the setup.php. Mine is /zen/setup.php. When your done with that you can login to /zen/admin.php to start uploading photos and start testing stuff out.

    Here are the primary installation instructions (copy and pasted):
    Step 1: Edit the config.php.example file and rename it to config.php. You can find the file in the "zen" directory.
    Step 2: Edit the .htaccess file in the root zenphoto folder if you have the mod_rewrite apache module, and want cruft-free URLs. Just change the one line indicated to make it work.
    Step 3: Change the permissions on the 'albums' and 'cache' folders to be writable by the server (chmod 777 cache) (not necessary on Windows servers)
    Step 4: Come back to this page (just reload it if you're ready) and click "Go!"

    I'd appreciate it if someone could personally take a look at what I'm doing or maybe a checklist to figure out what I'm missing (mod-rewrite, gd or whatever).

  • Checked via the php info function to see what's enabled and it looks that I have all the requirements. That would leave the problem somewhere with the .htaccess file (path, like many others) or I know see that the problem is with that I put zp up on a subdomain/shared hosting sort of thing. Anyone care to help me with the workarounds?
  • If you are sure you have all the reqs, you can always try the suggestion about hard coding the paths in this topic:
  • Well things are finally working more or less for me with version version 1.0.1 Beta and the following: 1.) I moved the installation from the subdomain to the root domain + subfolder 2.) Turned mod_rewrite to False in the config.php file.

    I guess I was always able to install zp fine, but then i would have navigation errors with the admin pages and the gallery/thumbs would never show up or populate.

    So does this mean all of my difficulties as of yet have been strictly do to my webhost?

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