1.0b and WP2.0 flawless

I just thought I would tell everyone that it works..
I used the ZenPhoto .9 integration method from noscope.com and a slightly modified upgrade process and it worked flawless. All I actually did was
obviously backup everything
edited the config.php
renamed the zen directory to zen.bak
copied over the new one
log in and run the upgrade.

complete.. I didnt have to change my index.php as I modified it for wordpress integration and I didnt overwrite my theme's(HOPING they would work) and they did.


Also, it didn't mess up my random image for my site either.

Great job guys.. you've added much more functionality and still kept it simple and bloat free....

Now I just need nested albums to move my MAIN gallery to zenphoto

NOTE: I did use the fix noted from legobuff to get the paths right

define('SERVERPATH', '[full path]/zp');
define('WEBPATH', '/zp');
define('SERVERCACHE', SERVERPATH . "/cache");
define('WEBCACHE', WEBPATH . "/cache");


  • good to hear, i'm hoping to do this as soon as my test gallery works. i'm having some issues at the moment.
  • Ok, I stand corrected.. not completely flawless.

    Wordpress 1.52 and zenphoto .9 works using noscope.com method
    Wordpress 2 and zenphoto .9 works using noscope.com method

    Wordpress 2 and zenphoto 1.0b does not work using nocope.com method.... After you post your comment you just get a blank page. refreshing doubles your comment and clicking on another link then navigating back to the page that you commented on shows the comment posted.
    Basically the page isnt refreshing like it used to.

    Any ideas as to why?
    What has changed to the comment posting that I should be looking into to solve this..
    Any ideas..
  • oh geez.. maybe I need to be a little more patient

    one thing different for my index.php in zenphoto compared to how noscope.com explained it is I am calling getheader(); and getsidebar(); for wordpress.

    If I move
    before getheader(); and before getsidebar(); and put it right after
    it does infact work.

    Sorry for the spam

    so yeah.. all good
  • Can anyone post the instuctions from http://www.noscope.com/journal/2005/09/zenphoto-08-released#comment-4569


    I can't seems to view the site.

    Thanks :)
  • 1. Install ZP in a folder
    2. In the index.php file in the newly created ZP folder, start WP, then ZP:

    /* Start Wordpress */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
    /* Start zenphoto */
    $themepath = 'themes';
    $theme = $_zp_gallery->getCurrentTheme();
    $_zp_themeroot = WEBPATH . "/$themepath/$theme";
    if (in_context(ZP_IMAGE)) {
    } else if (in_context(ZP_ALBUM)) {
    } else if (in_context(ZP_INDEX)) {
    }3. Tweak your zenphoto templates (not your wp templates) to fit your wp style. You can now use functions such as get_header and get_sidebar.
    4. Work around a conflict with comments by opening the ZP template image.php and replacing isset($error) with $FIXME.
  • Alright, hate to bring up this old thread by I am dying to get this integrated with my WordPress install.

    First off, my ZenPhoto and WordPress installs are located on 2 different servers. Please note I know nothing about PHP really...but I did change this line of code:




    and that appears to work, it doesn't give me any errors. So basically I have no clue what to do next. I see you mentioned something about the get_header() and get_sidebar(); function. Although I have no idea where to put those...so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My Photos:
    My Blog: http://www.equestrianhonor.com

    I am even trying to get bbPress integrated with this all, so hopefully if I get this, bBPress will not be too hard.
  • Little update already...I tried doing this with bbPress and it seemed to have worked fine, I used the same method...


    Remember bbPress and WordPress sit on the same server, so maybe this has something to do with it.
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