misc help plea(se)

yes hi, i'm currently new to zenphoto and am implementing my first gallery (which is going great) but:

when i manually type the location of my gallery in my web browser everything comes up fine, but when i insert a link to the gallery from my main website and click it, i get a 404.

now also, i can't get a link to go back to my main website on my gallery (im using the "zpMibile" theme) part of me thinks some kind of .php edit might be required to implement my own link (like on the bottom of every page on the gallery)...any tips on this? ;)

third: i have commenting enabled but no such features seem to be on the gallery, just basic image opening with nada underneath.

so...can you help me out?


  • acrylian Administrator
    i insert a link to the gallery from my main website and click it, i get a 404
    Please post a link to main and Zenphoto site as we probably otherwise will be guessing around.
    go back to my main website on my gallery
    There is a backend option to enter a url to a parent site. Since Zenphoto is primarily meant to be used as a standalone CMS not all themes implement support for it. zpmobile is one of those.
    You would have to edit the theme's `functions.php` and there the function `jqm_printMainHeaderNav()`to include such a link using the template function `getMainSiteURL()`.
    The theme is quite special as it is based on the jquerymobile framework which requires following some of its guidelines.
    Please best read also the the theming tutorial before starting to edit a theme:
    You need to enable the comment_form plugin to actually get comments.
  • about the 404 and the website:

    the link to the website is: http://somethingiswrong.us
    the link to the gallery is: http://somethingiswrong.us/visual

    (EDIT: confirmed my url to the gallery matches above and it DOES, yet still gets a 404...yet, it links correctly at the link above!?)

    GOT the comments working!

    now about the custom navigation, editing the themes function.php, i inserted "getMainSiteURL()" directly after jqm_printMainHeaderNav() messed everything up (reverted), noticed it was referring to a specific navigation "gallery" and "archive"? i believe. noticed the function a little lower "getMainSiteURL()"...but don't know what to do with it, put my url between the ()'s??

  • acrylian Administrator
    Sorry, I have no idea about the url and why the working url might not work. Try to add the trailing slash to the gallery url though in case that makes a difference for some reason.

    `getMainSiteURL()` just gets the url and needs of course to be used with a proper link elemenet like `">Main site`. And it of course needs to be added within `jqm_printMainHeaderNav()` as it otherwise of course messes up everything. That function generates the buttons in the head of the them and there you want that button, too.
    You might also want to look at https://jquerymobile.com for details about the framework used in case you want to do more changes.
  • gracias gracias


    trailing slash didn't work though, now i just left the url bare (without linking) on the site and the visitor has to now copy the link oneself, oh well i guess, gets them there!

    and i don't think i can grasp the functions and customizing aspect in getting my custom home link on the gallery...unfortunately. is there another theme that is mobile optimized that you can think of that supports a home button?

    (though i'm really enjoying the zpMibile!)
  • if i could delete my last response i would

    not wanting to keep you busy (being fantastic) with this anymore as you have already

    i'll be looking up on themes from here out

  • acrylian Administrator
    No need to delete anything ;-) We know we lack themes but there are some 3rd party ones that are mobile capable. If they support the home link by default I actually don't know.

    Sorry about your problems wiht customisation. But sadly some knowledge in HTML and at least basics in PHP will be needed.
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