User guide documentation.

I have tried searching the forum and also the site but cannot find anywhere to download the documentation in full. Is this possible?

I should like to know how to get a thumbnail to show on the 'Album' which consists of a video (mp4) file. At present, it is just a 'filmstrip' icon.

Many thanks.



  • acrylian Administrator

    There is no documentation download. It is only the general user guide on our site you already found. What you were looking for is is so called "video thumbs" or "sidecar images" as this applies to all non image "images".

    Additionally there is a lot explained on the backend itself and then there is the technical (or developer) documentation:

  • Many thanks, acrylian.

    I have done that and I now have another question (sorry!).
    Is there any way that the video can be run by just clicking on the jpg thumbnail? ie as if it was the first frame of the video?


  • acrylian Administrator

    It depends on the player plugin used, on some the thumb will be shown as the poster you can click on.

  • I have jplayer installed at the moment/

    The only other player I could find is mediaelementjs_player.

    I have uploaded that to the site and followed (I think!) the installation instructions.

    Place the file mediaelementjs_player.php and the folder of the same name into your /plugins folder.

    It does not appear in the my Gallery's "Plugins" display, so I am at a loss to know how to activate it.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • fretzl Administrator

    The plugins folder structure should look something like this:
    (note that a plugin may also consist of just 1 file and no folder)

        šŸ“ plugin1
        šŸ“„ plugin1.php
        šŸ“ plugin2
        šŸ“„ plugin2.php
        šŸ“ mediaelementjs_payer
        šŸ“„ mediaelementjs_player.php
        šŸ“„ plugin3
        šŸ“„ plugin4

  • Ah! I had misunderstood the instructions. I had the mediaelementjs_player.php inside the mediaelementjs_player folder!

    I will have another look at the player now.

    Many thanks, fretzl.



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