Upload photos from Digikam? Or synchronize local folder?

I'm willing to migrate my galleries from Piwigo to ZenPhoto.

But I have the following two requirements:

  1. Upload photos to ZP directly from Digikam
  2. Synchronize photos from a local folder to a specific album in ZP

Are these usages possible?


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited October 3

    Yes, but you possible have to create the workflow yourself (I have no knowledge about Digikam).

    Zenphoto is differently to Piwigo - as far as I know - completely file system based. The root "albums" folder contains folders with images and further images (or optionally even other media types depending on plugins).

    This means you can upload via FTP or other ways directly there to have Zenphoto recognized the albums and images.

    Recommended reading about image sizes, caching and image discovery:

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