"Collections", new theme (in progress).

Roland Member

Hello ! I've been working on a new responsive template, trying to support many plugins.
There is still little glitches to fix.

Any questions or comments are welcome :smile:

Collections' Homepage Screenshot

Demo with all plugins : https://collections.rolandtisserand.fr/
Demo without any plugin : https://archives.rolandtisserand.fr/

Supported plugins

  • cacheManager
  • class-textobject
  • class-video
  • comment_form
  • contact_form
  • favoritesHandler (*no multiple sets for now)
  • menu_manager (*no submenu for now)
  • openstreetmap
  • rating
  • register_user
  • related_items
  • tag_suggest
  • themeSwitcher
  • user_ login_out
  • zenpage

Supported options

  • Responsive images using srcset
  • Dark / Light theme with prefers-color-scheme
  • Accessible & responsive navbar
  • SVG icons hack with CSS (empty, protected, text... will add more)
  • Show / Hide picture's title & description in Album view

What next ?

  • Fix the space in picture URI due to &dsp=Protected view
  • Dark / Light switcher with cookie
  • Better accessibility
  • Handling favorite plugin with multiple sets
  • Choose homepage
  • Finding a way to standardize class for sub-menu with menu_manager so it can handle accessible navigation with keyboard.

Collections' Image Screenshot


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Nice, third party themes are always welcome. We'll add an entry to our themes section soon.

    A few comments:
    I would link to the releases page of the repository instead of the main repo page. So people get the actual releases

    Finding a way to standardize class for sub-menu with menu_manager so it can handle accessible navigation with keyboard.

    Review the 1.5.8RC as a few things changed here regarding default classes for the menu_manager and all others automatic menus which may help you.

    Not theme related but you seem not to use a rewrite suffix for the image:

    This is not recommended as it may trigger security tools and also harm SEO as the url looks as if this is an image while it is actually a (script) page.

  • Roland Member
    edited April 1

    Thanks for your comment, and good news for 1.5.8 !
    I also fixed the mod_rewrite config.
    I forgot the download link in the first post also : https://github.com/RolandTi/collections/releases/latest/

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    You'r welcome. I found the download page on the demo site ;-)

    Btw that download page it says 1.0 although there is still 0.4 released.

    I took some screenshots of the demo site for our themes entry later on already.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Fix the space in picture URI due to &dsp=Protected view

    That's our domain to fix and not your theme's. Actually an very old oversight no one really noticed until now.

  • Roland Member

    Ok, thanks, I wasn't sure. I got a Bad value with the html W3C validator.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2

    Well. spaces are allowed but need to be encoded. Better to avoid them like special chars as it causes less of headaches anyway.

    I have already added the theme to your theme section.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Looks like you can easily add this yourself if you really need this. Actually this should rather be a plugin actually.

    (The guide is a bit outdated, you should only edit a theme copy and the printAdminToolbox() call does not exist anymore for quite some time now).

  • Yes. true. Issue I have is figuring out where to put it. I would like to add it to zpbase for example, but because of the way the theme is written I am not sure where to put it. I have not asked for help yet on that :)

    It was easy to figure out for Zenpage.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 5

    I have taken a quick look at zpBase. The place would probably where all the extra plugin calls are that start in line 105-114 in its image.php. Either before that or after that.

    Or somewhere around/inbetween line 83-98. You have to try where it looks best.

    The function calls in these places are all quite speaking so you should get an idea where that is.

  • thanks. will look at that

  • did not work... seems to ignore it

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 14

    You probably posted it within teh PHP. You have to use

    // php stops here ?>
    your script here 
    <?php // PHP continues here`

    Sorry, these are minimum basics we naturally assume to be known. Btw, this should not continue here as this topic is actually not about zpBase at all.

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